An analysis of the ancient greece and the emergency of feminism

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An analysis of the ancient greece and the emergency of feminism

This system is based on quarterly reporting by the regional health authorities. A standardized form is compiled that contains aggregate data on major social-demographic characteristics of the woman age, residency status, marital status, reproductive history as well as details about the procedure weeks of gestation, whether the procedure is elective or performed on an emergency basis, where certification was issued, type of procedure and location where it was performed, duration of stay, and immediate complications.

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This information is then sent to the ISS, which examines data quality and performs data analysis of trends, geographic distribution, and characteristics of women undergoing abortion. Italy is considered to have one of the most accurate and timely abortion surveillance systems in the world.

Abortion rate[ edit ] Inthe abortion ratio in Italy was 9. However, this measure also varies regionally. The central and northern regions in particular Emilia-RomagnaLiguria and Tuscany are characterized by relatively low TFRs one lifetime birth per womanhigh abortion rates and elevated abortion ratios.

While low levels of fertility can also be found in some of the northwestern regions, abortion rates are moderate in these regions abortions per 1, ; therefore, abortion ratios in a few of these areas are closer to the national level.

Subsequent to the legalization of abortion in Italy inabortion rates among Italian women first rose and then declined steadily, from a peak of Abortion rates vary considerably by geographic region, with rates typically highest in the more secular regions and lowest in regions where traditional values predominate.

Data from and indicate that age-specific abortion rates decreased during the s for all age-groups, with the largest declines occurring in regions with the highest levels of abortion.

Moreover, a shift in the age distribution of abortion rates occurred during the s, with women aged 30—34 registering the highest abortion rate inwhereas in the highest level of abortion occurred among those aged 25— The abortion rate among adolescent women was low at both times 7.

These data are based only on reported legal abortions; the number of clandestine abortions remains unknown.

A phenomenon to emerge in recent years has been an increase in the number of abortions requested by immigrant women. This increase is most likely due to the rising number of immigrant women in Italy; the resident permits, for example, according to the data of the National Statistics Institute ISTAThave increased fromin to 1, in Based on estimates of the population of immigrant women 18—49 years of age, Istat has calculated that the AR for immigrant women was Indeed, the increase in the numbers of immigrant women may be the main cause of the leveling-off of the abortion rate in Italy.

If the analysis of trends is limited toyears for which information is most complete on residency status, the number of abortions in Italian women declined fromin toin Abortion incidence[ edit ] Inapproximatelyinduced abortions were performed in Italy.

In comparison, the average annual number during the period was more thanSimilar patterns can also be seen in abortion rates.

An analysis of the ancient greece and the emergency of feminism

After legalization, abortion rates rose modestly, increasing from During the periodItalian abortion rates stabilized, and this period was followed by a steady decline: Bythe rate had dropped to The turning point for the abortion debate was the decision number 27 of the Italian Constitutional Court on 18 February the hat stated that article is unconstitutional.

These bills did not reach the discussion state before the dissolution of parliament and the calling of new elections. It also demanded the consent of parents for girls under After the election inthe pro-abortion majority was committed to legalization and nine different bills were presented from June till April Finally, the bill was passed and published on 22 May Abortion has united feminist groups which have fought to demand abortion right.

This coincides with the political struggle for abortionbut, by the time the abortion law was passed inthe major moment of activity had passed. The church statement on sexuality and the family represent the most significant proportion of its public statement to the faithful.

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It is a central doctrinal area and one through which the church is intent on reinforcing and extending its control. This meant that the church could not admit the possibility of legal abortions.

An analysis of the ancient greece and the emergency of feminism

Family counselling centers shall assist any pregnant woman: By informing her of her rights under State legislation and of the social, health and welfare services actually available from agencies. By informing her of appropriate ways to take advantage of the provisions of labor legislation design to protect any pregnant women By suggesting to the local agencies solution to problem relate to motherhood By helping to overcome the factors which might lead the woman to have her pregnancy terminated.

The law presents two different scenarios: If the health personnel demands to be conscientious objectorthey have to declare it in advance Art. However, conscientious objection may not be invoked by health professionals if the personal intervention is essential in order to save the life of a woman in imminent danger.

According to data from the Ministry of Health, between and there was a As of the percentage is higher than the national average in Southern Italy Research paper on diffusion and osmosis ed wynn houk gallery lalla essaydi converging dh lawrence self pity analysis basisgarderobe the tell tale heart essay conclusion paragraph describe my hometown essays study hall persuasive essay ancient greece essay about culture and language child labor essay pdf anthony ludovici feminism.

Patriarchy was alive and strong in ancient Greece and men dominated the political and social spectrum. Their methods of justification stemmed from classical mythology. This assisted them in establishing their authority over women.

An Analysis of the Ancient Greece and the Emergency of Feminism ( words, 5 pages) Woman Othered Ancient Greece and the Emergence of FeminismThe literature of Ancient Greece is widely discussed and analyzed. Ancient political philosophy is understood here to mean ancient Greek and Roman thought from the classical period of Greek thought in the fifth century BCE to the end of the Roman empire in the West in the fifth century CE, excluding the rise of Christian ideas about politics during that period.

Mount Olympus – the highest mountain in Greece – was the residence of the Olympian gods: Zeus, Hera, Poseidon, Hestia, Hades, and Demeter. From this vantage point, these deities were able to look down upon (and fuck with – . Medical writers from early modern Europe looked back to the ancient Greek doctor, Hippocrates, expecting that the “Father of Medicine” would surely have described everything that could possibly exist.

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