Business plan cabinet de conseil pdf

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Business plan cabinet de conseil pdf

This plan outlines what the Privy Council Office will do in the coming year and how it will continue to work hard to help the Government grow the middle class, promote sustainable economic growth, and give more Canadians the opportunity to succeed.

Over the past two years, we have taken concrete measures to create good, middle class jobs and improve the lives of all Canadians. We have helped parents with the high cost of raising kids through the Canada Child Benefit, and expanded the Canada Pension Plan so more people can retire in security and dignity.

We have also worked hard to promote economic growth that benefits the middle class, including through our progressive trade agreements.

We will continue to show the world that Canada is open for business, while standing up for Canadian interests and making sure trade agreements benefit all of our citizens, not just the few. We will continue to work hard to better respond to their priorities and strive to correct past injustices, while working together in full partnership to develop long-term, sustainable solutions that make a real difference in their lives and in communities across Canada.

We will also continue to support the ongoing design of the Canada Service Corps — a national initiative that will encourage young Canadians to serve their communities while gaining valuable leadership skills and life experience. In a few months, Canada will also welcome our G7 partners to Charlevoix, Quebec.

business plan cabinet de conseil pdf

I know that the Privy Council Office, along with the entire Government of Canada, will work hard to deliver on the goals of this and other departmental plans. Together, we will continue to strengthen the middle class, and build a more prosperous future for our children and grandchildren.

PCO will assist with building a strong middle class by: Providing advice in support of strengthening trade and modernizing trade agreements for the benefit of the middle class, including the renegotiation of the North American Free Trade Agreement NAFTA.

Working with provinces, territories and other government departments for the development of economic policies that foster the growth of the middle class. A key priority for the Government is to strengthen diversity and inclusion to ensure all Canadians have the opportunity to attain full economic and social participation.

This will be done by: Renewing the federal approach to the collection, use and display of sex and gender information, for a more gender inclusive data collection at the federal level, to allow for inclusion of transgender, non-binary and two-spirit Canadians.

PCO will also support the Government on renewing relationships with Indigenous Peoples in multiple ways including by supporting the creation of two new federal departments, namely Crown-Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs, and Indigenous Services Canada.

To act as secretariat to the Cabinet and its committees including managing the Cabinet's decision-making system; coordinate departmental policy proposals to Cabinet; schedule and provide support services for meetings of Cabinet and Cabinet committees; advance the Government's agenda across federal departments and agencies; and provide administrative services to the Prime Minister's Office, Portfolio Ministers and to Commissions of Inquiry.

To lead and renew the Public Service in order to advise the Government; implement its agenda; and deliver services and results to Canadians. Planning highlights Delivery of analysis, advice and support The Prime Minister, Cabinet ministers and Parliament require timely access to comprehensive and objective information to make decisions about laws, programs and services that affect Canadians.

PCO is committed to helping the Government achieve its priorities through the delivery of high quality information, expert analysis and advice. In —19, PCO will support the achievement of the Government's priorities, such as: Policy proposals to foster innovation, skills development and growth of the middle class by: National security and intelligence on global issues by: Whole-of-government approaches to reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples by: Open and Accountable Government PCO is responsible for tracking and reporting on the commitments made in the ministerial mandate letters and plays a key role in fostering experimentation in program and service delivery within the Public Service.

Led by PCO, the Impact Canada Initiative iv is a horizontal Government of Canada effort that applies innovative programming approaches to improve social, economic, and environmental outcomes in high priority areas.

It provides departments a vehicle to allocate their funds towards their experimentation commitments v. In its role of Secretariat to Cabinet, PCO intends to strengthen the Memorandum to Cabinet vi process and the ability of secretariats to provide comprehensive and timely information, analysis and advice.

This will be achieved by: Renewing the Public Service In collaboration with other departments and agencies, PCO supports the development and maintenance of a high performing Public Service. As part of this work, PCO provides advice to the Clerk of the Privy Council and the Prime Minister on the renewal of the Public Service in order to foster a more inclusive, healthy and innovative workplace and workforce.

PCO also supports the human resources management of senior leaders across the government. In this role, PCO will:Lincoln est un cabinet de spécialistes reconnus dans le recrutement par approche directe de managers, experts, dirigeants et hauts potentiels.

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