How to write a paper on system team learning

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How to write a paper on system team learning

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Basically, as a result of a range of arguments, various definitions of the concept of organizational learning prevail. This concept has also been a more contemporary subject in understanding learning in the public sector organizations.


Numerous definitions of the learning organization have been advanced by various scholars since the s. Since then, the field has attracted major debates and diverted attention from the widely renowned concept of knowledge management in the organizations.

To a large extent, this aspect is evaluated through various systems in the organizations, and many scholars contend that the aspect of the learning organization is substantially enhanced by organizational culture. Introduction to the Learning Organization Concept All over the globe, numerous firms and consultants have acknowledged the commercial implication of organization learning.

Numerous scholars have focused on identification of various templates or rather the ideal forms that can be utilized by firms in order to understand the importance of organization learning. Consequently, the learning organization is often construed to be an ideal which can be utilized by organizations as they evolve in order to effectively respond to the numerous pressures they often face Schofield, An imperative element in the learning organization is recognizing that individual and group learning needs to be made a priority in any organization.

how to write a paper on system team learning

As a result, there are two vital aspects that emanate from organization learning; the first one is that, even though there have been numerous debates concerning learning organizations, it has been increasingly difficult to effectively recognize real-life examples Vince and Saleem, The second element is that the focus on establishment of a template and the need to present it in a commercially attractive form to both the consultants and the scholars has contributed to a momentous theoretical structure under-powering especially for the learning organization Van, This paper sets out to outline the literature on the concept of the learning organization.

This topic essentially touches on the aspect of knowledge management in organizations and the critical stages in the learning. It has been noted that the learning organization often entails various innovations in the firms: Human resources management, various external influences as well as the political process that influences learning.

how to write a paper on system team learning

Historically Developed Definitions of the Learning Organization Numerous scholars have tried defining the concept of the learning organization.

Senge was the first scholar to promote its definition. After him, various practitioners have published books and articles on the subject of the learning organization. It is worth mentioning that learning in the firms mostly occurs at the individual level.

Therefore, individuals strive to accomplish what has been stipulated in the organizational policy as well as evidence use and experience in order to refine and filter what people are doing. Therefore, the proceeding step goes further than individual learning, that is, establishing a collective process, a step that involves people learning at the group level in an organization.

This literature considerably places focus on private organizations and on the actual intangible but unmistakably distinguishing effects of an organizational culture that mostly shapes the way firms react to experience differentially. Such organizational learning level has been effectively characterized in many definitions Vince and Saleem, Senge et al interpreted the learning organization as the knowledge development that organization members hold, that is, having been established as knowledge that has the capability to enhance activities in organizations, hence encouraging transformation in various activities.

On the other hand, Van suggested that the learning organization entails the capacity or rather various processes within an organization that often preserve and advance performance on the basis of experiences.

Garvin argued that various industrial societies look at the quintessence of the concept in depth. For instance, they consider the learning organization as one that frequently adjusts itself.

Therefore, the transformation process to them is a creative one as well as one in which a motivation exists to modify and adjust its needs Senge et al, Vince and Saleem contended that a learning organization is one that has the ability to create, acquire, and convey knowledge as well as amend its behavior to replicate new knowledge and insights.

According to Schofieldthere are five characteristic features of a learning organization. These features include the aspect of solving problems in a systematic manner, making experimentation and testing new knowledge, being able to learn from experience, the ability to learn from others, and sharing the knowledge and enhancing knowledge dispersion mechanisms.

Gilley and Maybunich realized that most organizational learning discussions fail to acknowledge the manner in which learning should be carried out in organizations. Frequently, such discussions focus on lofty philosophy, impressive schemes, and extensive metaphors instead of determined practice details.

Garvin concurs that until now, there have been various learning matters perspectives compared to empirical studies on the way managers ought to build learning potential. In reviewing public organizations, Van noted that there seems to be a significant degree of consensus; that is, in literature reviews, irrespective of the approach covered, there seems to be consensus on four different aspects on the learning organization.

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Return to questions. Question #4 – How do I set up an effective grading system? An effective grading system for team-based learning contains three essential components: individual performance, team performance, and peer evaluation.

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