How to write addresses with apartments

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How to write addresses with apartments

Everything from billing invoices to marketing letters are still regularly used every day by businesses.

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Making sure the envelopes are addressed properly ensures the mail gets to the correct party in a timely fashion. Adding an apartment to an address follows basic US Postal Service guidelines. Envelope Face There are two sides to an envelope -- the front where the sender and recipient's addresses are, along with postage -- and the backside that has a flap that seals the envelope.

On the front of the envelope, place your business name and address in the upper left corner; this is the "return address. Place postage in the upper right hand corner. Components of an Address An address is made up of the recipient's name and mailing address.

Note that the physical address might not be the same as the mailing address. Components are separated, each on its own line. A business name would be the second line following the recipient's name on the first.

If only one addressee is available, business or person, it sits on the first line. The street or box number sits on the next line with the city, state and zip code following.

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How to Address Apartments Many businesses send correspondence to clients and prospects living in apartments. Include the apartment identifier at the end of the street address.

There are several unit designators that are abbreviated in envelope addresses:So an American would write something like “ West Waynesmith Street, Apartment , Barnston, Missouri ” It takes up more space on the envelope, but so what?

how to write addresses with apartments

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Includes proper international address formats, international postage rate tables and calculators, address directories for many countries, and more. Many useful links. Write clearly using black or blue ink. If typing the address, use all capital letters. Write the building number, street name and apartment number below the first line.

Below the person's name, write the building number and street name followed by the apartment number.

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