How to write arabic on iphone 5

Couldn't ask for more. It does exactly what it says.

How to write arabic on iphone 5

Anyways, after days of searching and trying out some applications, I found a way to not only to read Amharic fonts on my iPhone but also to write Amharic using an Amharic Keyboard.

This tutorial is for all iPhones which are above iOS5. Then look at the Version. Mine is currently 5. Then a small window pops up, then write this iamharic. Then Click Add Source and wait for it till it adds the appropriate files. Then go to Search on Cydia then write Amharic on the search bar.

From the search results, find and click on Amharic Keyboard-ios5.

how to write arabic on iphone 5

Wait for it to install and once it finishes installing, it will re-spring you iPhone. When you find it, install it. This might re-spring you iPhone.

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Then on the list of applications, find BytaFont and open it. Do the same for Keyboard and Notes. Then go back and Click on Apply and re-spring. This will re-spring you iPhone. Now you are able to read Amharic fonts on your iPhone or iPad. To test that you can read Amharic on your iPhone or iPad, open safari and visit th is post.

If the next sentence comes as small boxes then you're not there yet. To test if you can write Amharic on notes, go to Notes and start writing. Click it to switch to Amharic or English Keyboard.

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Leave us your comments if you have any problems or you can't find certian charcters. Trust me, it might happen! If you found this tutorial useful, please like our Facebook Page.

Watch the video tutorial for extra tips and tricks.Cannot write arabic on facebook even with keyboard switched to arabic?

Even when i put my keyboard to arabic the letters come out in english with facebook. Comment.

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Reply. It won`t let me type certin letters on my iphone 4s? Why in my system show letters other than which i type? How to type letters on myprinter to connec? Guide on how to change fonts in iPhone 5 easily. This is the only working method that is valid and can let you do what you actually want to do on your iPhone i.e.

changing fonts easily. You need to get your iPhone 5 or any other iPhone jailbroken first then this method will work. This is the major requirement of this method and you can’t use. Write Arabic. Home; Search; Translate; Tools ∇ Editor ; Currency Converter; Photoshop arabic; Games ∇.

One advantage of a touchscreen device is, of course, the freedom to change the keyboard layout without additional hardware. For any serious Arabic language learner, an Arabic keyboard is a necessary for looking up Arabic words in a dictionary or searching for verb conjugations.

How to quickly install the Arabic keyboard in three easy steps: 1. Jun 14,  · hi all this is the way to read and write arabic in iphone the step 1-to read menu arabic you need to find any progrma like (ibrickr or winscp) 2-download arabic file and do that. Step 5 Select the Erasing Algorithm and Start Erasing Everything on iPhone You can change the security level to more thoroughly smash your data without recovery, the .

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