Lesson 2 citizenship reading and questions

Print the Good Citizenship reading comprehension passage and questions see below. Older students should read the story silently, then answer the questions about the story that follow.

Lesson 2 citizenship reading and questions

Lesson 2 citizenship reading and questions

For this lesson, you will need: Share with students that since Europeans and then others first started coming to this country many have written fiction and nonfiction about the immigrant experience.

Similarly, for a long time now, there has been debate about how many if any immigrants should come into the United States each year. The debate, you should explain, will probably continue. Explain that after an initial class discussion, students will read a book related to immigration, will write a review of the book, and will then hold a follow-up discussion on the topic.

Lead a discussion that can include both students born in the United States and students who have immigrated here. You might focus the discussion on the following questions: Why have people come to the United States in the past?

Why do people come to the United States today? What are the benefits for immigrants and for the country when people from other lands settle here?

What complications sometimes develop for immigrants and for the country?

Lesson 2 citizenship reading and questions

Proceed to take an informal poll based on the following questions: How many students think that the United States today should allow anyone to immigrate? How many students think that the United States today should not allow anyone from another land to move here permanently?

How many students think that the United States should put a quota, or limit, on how many people come here from other places? Explain that you and the class will subsequently return to the results of this poll. If you do not have multiple copies of a title, consider letting a circle of students take turns reading one book to one another.

Land of Dreams Ellis Island: Land of Hope Ellis Island: An anthology of wide-ranging opinions on the topic of immigration, including pieces by Toni Morrison and Francis Fukuyama The Lost Garden Young adult literature: A survey of illegal immigration, including interviews with immigrants; considered balanced and factual; focuses on the Mexican border 5.

As students read the books, make sure they keep a journal, detailing their own attitudes toward immigrants and immigration and noting any changes or complications in their views.

Direct students to write, individually or in groups, reviews of the books they read.covers the first key question of the Year 7 civics & citizenship curriculum ‘How is Australia’s system of democratic government shaped by the Constitution?’ contains nine lessons includes informal assessment items, one formal assessment item (with marking rubric) and differentiation options for activities and assessment.

Oct 28,  · Quick Civics Lessons from USCIS and Civics Flash Cards for Cut-Out: Random Reading All Questions for US Citizenship Naturalization Test US Citizenship Naturalization Test. Continue Reading. Citizenship Flash Cards.

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The flash cards use the official questions provided the US Citizenship and Immigration Services. For ease of study, the flash cards have been broken down into 7 different categories based on the official study outline. Continue Reading. Your Government and You H leslutinsduphoenix.com 1 L1 LESSON PLAN Your Government and You.

Level: Literacy, Low Beginning. Suggested Length: 2 or 3 . Faithful Citizenship Reading & Discussion Questions The catechist makes a transition from reflection on the Scripture to discussion on the teaching of the Church.

You may want to prepare a handout that includes these quotes, or project them on a PowerPoint slide. Questioning: A Comprehension Strategy for Small-Group Guided Reading. Session 2: Thin Questions in Small-Group Reading. Perhaps you can turn the thin question you modeled in the earlier lesson into a thick question.


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