Level blue grammar for writing answers

November 13, at To begin with, college is spelled with an e, not an a, as you spelled it collage. That is an entirely different word that means a piece of art made by attaching pieces of paper, often from articles or magazines, to another sheet of paper. Next, anonymous, such as in your username, is actually spelled a-n-o-n-y-m-o-u-s, rather than anoymos.

Level blue grammar for writing answers

The leaves rustled in the trees and the trees swayed slightly, making groaning heavy sounds. The twigs crackled, snapped and sputtered.

The bells pealed through the clatter and the children shuffled back to class. Write interesting descriptions of people Appearance — draw attention to certain vivid features i.

When he laughed, he revealed a set of horribly discoloured teeth. Everybody stared at her. She had beautiful dark hair piled high on her head, a delicately shaped face, large soft eyes and the most dazzling smile I had ever seen.

Personality or character i. For years she had lived with her aunt, a bad-tempered, acid-tongued woman who made her life miserable. Write vivid descriptions of feelings a. He sat by the hospital bed, holding her hand. It was clear that the end was near. Tears welled up in his eyes and silently coursed down his cheeks.

She ran breathlessly to him with the good news. As soon as he heard it, he leapt into the air with a whoop of joy. Then he turned to her and swept her up in his arms.

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Lively style Begin each sentence differently from the previous one. I opened the door and walked straight into the room.

There was Pei Yan sitting by the chair, waiting for me. Quickly rising from her chair, she came towards me. Use rhetoric question questions that do not require an answer i.

How could anyone be so unfortunate? Use words that are highly descriptive, vivid and forceful i. The place was eerily quiet.

All around us was a deathly silence. Suddenly it was broken by a mournful cry. It did not even sound human.

We looked at each other, terror-stricken, then made a dash for the door. Use effective adjectives i. He has been moping about the around the house ever since. A sudden loss came over me. Good expressions for describing anger 1 He muttered furiously under his breath. Unanswered questions burned endlessly in her brain; her inner voice was screaming in silent anguish and betrayal as she sank into the shadowed corner of the restroom, holding her head in her hands whilst the tears kept flowing.

In the next moment, fists were flying, as they exchanged blows. Good expressions for grief 1 No words could express the secret agony of my soul.

How my heart ached. I was crushed I could hardly breathe. My lungs burned as I tried desperately to cry and breathe normally. I held my breath and put my ear against the door. I was paralysed with fear. He looked around, looking for the two familiar faces that guarded him for as long as he could remember.

Tom began calling out their names: Fear started to burn his heart and spread throughout his body like wildfire.Please review the FAQs and contact us if you find a problem.

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Note: My state, Pennsylvania, does not require school until age 8, so I do not require my second grader to do everything in the program year. He does the readings and tells me about them, answering questions, but he doesn't always do the.

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In Indonesia there's soooo many jungle. Especially, in Borneo because Indonesia is a country that placed in the equator line, same as Brazil and Africa.

level blue grammar for writing answers

The three words, assure, ensure, and insure, are often leslutinsduphoenix.com three words share an element of “making an outcome sure.” However, rather than using these words interchangeably, I’d like to point out the unique aspects of each word so that you can use them to communicate your intention clearly.

Grammar for Writing, Level Blue (Grade 9) Student Edition.

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