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History[ edit ] Chinese immigrants arrived in the United States to work as miners and railroad workers. As the large groups of Chinese immigrants arrived, laws were put in place preventing them from owning land. They mostly lived together in ghettos, individually referred to as " Chinatown ". Here the immigrants started their own small businesses, including restaurants and laundry services.

Original chinese food

Timeline of the pet food recalls The first recalls were announced by Original chinese food Foods late on Friday, 16 Marchfor cat and dog food products in the United States.

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In the ensuing months, many additional recalls were announced by Menu and other companies as the recall expanded throughout North America and to Europe and South Africa. Menu Foods acknowledged receiving the first complaints of sick pets on 20 Februaryand initiated the recall following unexpected deaths after a regularly scheduled internal "taste test".

The process of identifying and accounting for the source of the contamination and how the contaminant causes sickness is ongoing. The following list may not be complete.

Please refer to the external links section for more resources. The majority of recalled foods have come from a single company, Menu Foods of Streetsville, Ontario. Menu Foods' recalled products alone represent nearly brands of cat and dog food, and as of 11 April, are the only brands known to have caused sickness in animals.

Below is an overview of affected brands, as provided by the FDA and the companies: Over 50 brands of dog food, [19] and over 40 brands of cat food. As a precautionary measure, Menu Foods also recalled all brands of food with wheat gluten in them even though the source of the gluten was not the same as the source behind the contaminated findings.

Spa Select Kitten dry food, [31] all canned and biscuit products [32] SmartPak: Super Premium Canned Food, itembest-by dates of "Aug.

Food and Drug Administration has received reports of approximately animal deaths, including at least cats and dogs who have died after eating contaminated food, but have only confirmed 14 cases, in part because there is no centralized government database of animal sickness or death in the United States as there are with humans such as the Centers for Disease Control.

The cases involved cats and dogs, with 61 percent of the cats and 74 percent of the dogs having died. She also said the mortality rate is not likely to be representative of all cases, because survey respondents had more information to submit for animals that had died.

A number of dogs were also reported affected in Australia, with four in Melbourne and a few more in Sydney. No legal action or repercussions have as yet occurred regarding these cases. In order to be counted in our survey, you had to meet certain criteria We had to have confirmed exposure to the recalled pet food, proof of toxicity, and clinical signs of renal failure.

So this is only a percentage of the deaths that are out there. A veterinarian referred to in the story said "test results from Beijing Animal Hospital showed the dead cats had suffered from kidney exhaustion and that the sick ones have kidney damage.

It was advised that pets exhibiting these symptoms should be taken for veterinary care as soon as possible, even if the animal did not eat any of the recalled pet food, as these signs may be indicative of other illnesses. Banfield's veterinarians treat an estimated 6 percent of the nation's cats and dogs, and their findings provide "the most authoritative picture of the harm done by the tainted cat and dog food," according to the FDA.

Based on analysis of data collected by more than hospitals and clinics in 43 states, out of every 10, cats and dogs seen in Banfield clinics, three developed kidney failure during the time pet food contaminated with melamine was on the market. They reported more cases of kidney failure in cats than the expected "background rate," corresponding to a 30 percent increase.

During that period, the Banfield vets sawcats. According to Hugh Lewis, who analyzed the results for Banfield, extrapolating to the United States cat population may mean "several hundred cats a week across the country" were affected.

No similar statistically significant increase was seen among dogs, suggesting the contamination was more toxic to cats. They too, were not immediately able to pinpoint the cause of the sicknesses, so they sent samples to the New York State Food Laboratory, a part of the federally funded Food Emergency Response Network.

By 21 March, it became clear the common factor was in the wheat gluten used to thicken the gravy in the "cuts and gravy" style wet foods. By 27 March, Cornell had confirmed the presence of melamine in the originally recalled pet foods, the wheat gluten used in their manufacture, the cells of the dead pets, and in the urine samples from dead and sick pets.

You could see crystals in the wheat gluten. Natural Balance Pet Foods recalled two products on 16 April due to kidney damage associated with melamine contamination despite the products not containing wheat gluten.

Original chinese food

Prior animal studies have shown ingestion of melamine may lead to kidney stonescancer or reproductive damage. The chemical is known to have a very low toxicity in rodents. FDA knows of no studies of melamine involving felines and, if melamine is responsible, the increased sensitivity of cats is a mystery to officials.

One hypothesis is the poisoned cat foods might have higher concentrations of melamine than the dog foods.

We are focusing on the melamine right now because we believe that, even if melamine is not the causative agent, it is somehow associated with the causative agent, so it serves as a marker". Additionally, melamine is an ingredient that should not be in pet food at any level.

Beginning on 19 April, researchers reportedly had ruled out aminopterin contamination and had found a "spoke-like crystal" in contaminated wheat gluten and rice protein concentrate and the tissues and urine of affected animals. It was previously known that melamine and cyanuric acid can form networks of hydrogen bondscreating a tile-like planar structure through molecular self-assembly.

Original chinese food

While some researchers have theorized the three latter chemicals might have been formed as the animals metabolized the melamine, or as byproducts of bacterial metabolism cyanuric acid is a known intermediate byproduct of bacterial metabolism of melaminetheir presence in the crystals found in contaminated protein itself, combined with media reports of widespread adulteration with both melamine and cyanuric acid in China, has focused research efforts on their combined effects in animals.

Neither melamine nor cyanuric acid, a chemical commonly used in pool chlorination, have been thought to be particularly toxic by themselves.Watch video · Review: Best Chinese food in Phoenix area? New Sichuan spot gets rare stars The West Coast wave has finally washed into the desert.

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