Project report on investor behaviour for investing in stock market

Weights of different parameters of the checklist for buying stocks Dear Dr. You are doing a great job in educating people who aspire to be value investors. By the way, I use Screener to search for companies for further study reading annual reports, company presentations etc.

Project report on investor behaviour for investing in stock market

The Stock Exchange of Mauritius SEM provides a regulated market place where securities of listed companies and other financial products can be traded by means of innovative, world-class systems and services.

Since 06 October,SEM became a public company. Sincethe Stock Exchange of Mauritius has come a long way. From the teetering steps of the early days when trading took place once a week for a mere 5 minutes through the open-outcry system, when the settlement cycle of a transaction exceeded two weeks, and when the total value traded during the first six months of operations barely exceeded Rs 15 million, the SEM has today emerged as one of the leading exchanges in Africa and has been at the forefront of the change process in the exchange space on the continent.

The Stock Exchange of Mauritius operates two markets today: Each investment dealer holds a license granted by the Financial Services Commission. Investment dealers are required to have at least one duly licensed representative who shall be entitled to carry out the functions of the Investment dealer.

Shares, also referred to as equities or stocks, represent ownership of a company along with other shareholders. When you buy shares in a company, you are buying a part of that company. An investor can acquire shares in two ways: The company uses the money received from selling these shares to develop their business.

Through the purchase of shares on the Stock Exchange. The sharemarket is just like a fish market, a fruit market or a cattle market.

It is a place where buyers and sellers come together to work out a price for something by bidding for it. The tricky part about the sharemarket is that there is no physical good that can be seen, touched or smelt. The simple answer is to build wealth. You can do this in two ways: A share price goes up because people value the shares in that company and offer increasingly higher prices to buy them.

This may sound simple, but there is no guarantee shares will rise in price while you own them. The big risk of investing in the sharemarket is owning shares in a company that fails and its shares become worthless The value of the shares of listed companies is often related to their financial results and performances.

The more profits a company makes, the more investors are willing to buy its shares. As share prices respond to the law of demand and supply, the share price of good-performing companies tend to go up over time, while those of bad-performing companies tend to drop over time.

Share prices also react to other factors such as interest rate movements, macro-economic data and international economic news. Markets react speedily and unpredictably to rumors of war, government changes, public sentiment and opinion.

Prices can rise as quickly as they fall. You may not be able to predict these forces, but by analysing and understanding them, you may be better equipped to face market swings.

A market index is a statistical indicator of market performance. Market Indices often serve as barometers for a given market and benchmarks against measured financial performance.

Project report on investor behaviour for investing in stock market

There are five market indices at SEM. SEMDEX, the All-Share Index, is an index of prices of all listed stocks where each stock is weighted according to its share in the total market capitalisation.PROJECT ON SHAREKHAN = INVESTORS BEHAVIOR FOR INVESTING IN EQUITY MARKET IN VARIOUS SECTOR A Project Report on Study on Investor Behaviour Towards Stock Market (1) Documents Similar To FINAL Project of Stock Market (Ankit) Questionnaire Stock Market.

Uploaded by.4/4(17). Stock Market is a collaboration of different sectorial business in one place. To choose the best profitable sector is a major task because you cannot resume to one particular sector.

If you have an interest in business but you don't have knowledge then trading in an already established business is . The Investment Behavior, Decision Factors and Their Effects Toward Investment Performance in the Taiwan Stock Market Yu-Je Lee, Dept.

of Marketing Management, Takming University of . Stock: A stock is a share of ownership in a company. It represents a claim on that company’s earnings and assets.

It represents a claim on that company’s earnings and assets. Generally, when a company performs well, the value of the stock grows. Students learn fundamentals related to saving for retirement and investing, such as return on investment, compound interest, and planning for different rates of savings.

Planning for Your Retirement Students learn about saving for retirement. The Investor Success Project We look beyond the markets and focus on the tremendous potential for people to become investors and for current investors to meet and exceed their goals. Learn More.

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