Sports rituals

The Chicharito Prayer - Javier Hernandez came to the Premier League in and with him brought his amazing pace and a thirst for scoring goals. Chicha also became known for his pre-match ritual — the prayer. Before kickoff he goes down on his knees near the half-line, looks up to the skies, with his hands pointing upwards and says a small prayer.

Sports rituals

The 10 most famous sports rituals

Messenger What do Lebron Jamesa lucky coin and a smelly goat have in common? They are all part of a rich tradition of sports superstitions. Both athletes and fans alike have looked towards these superstitions, rituals and curses for explanations about failures and successes. What is the science behind the belief that external forces can affect the outcome of a game?

As a psychologist who conducts research into superstition and gambling-related cultural beliefs, I have studied many theories, rituals, and quirks inherent in our ideas about winning and losing. The year-old drought was the longest in American professional sports.

When it comes to sports superstitions, the Cubs had arguably the richest and most colourful collection of curses. The best known of these is the Curse of the Billy Goat.

The Cubs would not reach the World Series again for more than 70 years. Our attempts to control the most uncontrollable of events Sports rituals reflected in the work of cultural anthropologist, Bronislaw Malinowski.

Sports rituals

Trobriand Islanders practised rituals to soothe the Sports rituals of the ocean and pray for a bountiful catch before venturing out to rough waters beyond the safety of the coral reefs, for example, but performed no rituals or prayers for when fishing in bountiful tide pools where their results were guaranteed.

In baseball, players have direct control over the game, to some extent, by choosing certain plays or strategies. Yet player rituals and superstitions are common, including tugging uniform sleeves in a certain way, tapping the home plate three times, kissing a religious necklace, or touching the brim of a helmet.

American anthropologist George Gmelcha minor league baseball player in his younger days, was intrigued by these superstitions. He found most relate to the unpredictable and difficult skill of batting and pitching compared with the relatively easier skill of accurately catching and throwing a ball.

The fans Sports fans also participate in superstitions and rituals in an attempt to control the outcome of a game. In evolutionary termshumans have perfected the skills of gathering and processing information in order to find regular patterns that help them predict the future outcome of events.

We know that the outcome is unpredictable, if not entirely random, but we cannot help trying to influence the results by adopting some superstitious behaviour or rituals with our actions.

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This is a cognitive mechanism that reduces our anxiety and focuses us on the game. Sports fans, just like gamblers, believe in illusion of control. This illusion of control — or an inflated confidence in our ability to win — increases without us realising it.

This extra knowledge leads us to overestimate our ability to predict an outcome. The extra effort we invest in the activity of being a sports fan is a primary form of illusion of control. A secondary illusion of control enlists supernatural sources of power or intervention such as gods, spirits, or luck to supplement our own perceived power.

It is the same belief gamblers have when they presume after five heads on a coin toss, the next flip is more likely to be tails. We tend to think the future chance of our favourite team winning a game is greatly affected by their previous history of winning or losing when, in reality, the results of the game could be determined by many different and unrelated factors.

Even when our favourite team has a losing streak, we cannot easily abandon it.Consistent routines lead to consistently high sports performance.

Routines vs. Rituals. Some sport psychologists use the term "ritual" in . AP Sports figures have fallen into routines, habits, and superstitions that they believe Even casual baseball fans knew that Nomar Garciaparra was a big fan of rituals. Many sports people use different rituals such as visualization or guided imagery, to recreate a particularly successful race, match, putt or free kick to try and recreate that experience and the feelings they had then, as though they are happening now.

Why people love to delude themselves with sports rituals and superstitions

Sports rituals such as these are learned through participation on a team, outsiders usually don’t participate in them, therefore it is restrictive to a particular team. Knowing such rituals and their purpose is a part of their identity as athletes, performing them solidifies their team identity and loyalty.

Javier Hernandez came to the Premier League in and with him brought his amazing pace and a thirst for scoring goals. Chicha also became known for his pre-match ritual – the prayer. Before.

The rituals that athletes count on to win might be more than just mere superstitions. Five days left, 5 psychological science highlights: Counting down to the Olympic Opening Ceremony, with research insights on sports and performance.

The 7 Most Bizarre Sports Rituals in the World