Srs of atm managment

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Srs of atm managment

Introduction This document gives detailed functional and nonfunctional requirements for the bank management system.

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This product will support online banking transaction. The purpose of this document is that the requirements mentioned in it should be utilized by software developer to implement the system. The Traditional way of maintaining details of a user in a bank was to enter the details and record them. Every time the user need to perform some transactions he has to go to bank and perform the necessary actions, which may not be so feasible all the time.

It may be a hard-hitting task for the users and the bankers too. The project gives real life understanding of Internet banking and activities performed by various roles in the supply chain. Here, we provide an automation for banking system through Internet.

Internet banking system project captures activities performed by different roles in real life banking which provides enhanced techniques for maintaining the required in- formation up-to-date, which results in efficiency. The SRS will include two sections, namely: The client will have client interface in which he can interact with the banking sys- tem.

It is a web based interface which will be the web page of the banking application.

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Then the page is redirected to login page where the user can enter the login details. If the login particulars are valid then the user is taken to a home page where he has the entire transaction list that he can perform with the bank. All the above activities come under the client interface.

The web application will be hosted on one of the apache server. Functional Specifications This section provides the functional overview of the product.

Various functional modules that can be implemented by the product will be 1.SRS are created to describe the functional and the non-functional requirements of what should be implemented in the audience of software requirements specifications does not only consist of application developers, but of all the stakeholders—testers, project managers, users of the future system, and sponsors.

SRS is a source of. Annual Conference.

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An engaging three-day event you won't want to miss. Register Now. Software Requirement Specification ATM. Department of CSE, SDBCT, Indore Page 19 AIMS ATM Information Management System. ATM Software Requirements Specification Std.

Srs of atm managment

iv. Chevy Chase Bank, UMBC Branch. v. Russell C.

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Bjork Requirements Statement for Example ATM System. Download Java mini projects with source code,Abstract and project all documents of these projects for Academic projects of Engineering.

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Srs of atm managment

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